Weekly Digest #2

Weekly Digest #2

Aloha, guys!

I originally wanted to publish this digest once a week. But it’s been more than three months since the last one 🙂.

During this time, a lot of different events happened, good and not so. Here I will traditionally write only about technical issues)



These projects have gained even more stars on GitHub:

Of course, it is a very small number of stars, but I’m still pleased)


There are also some new blog entries (I’m surprised myself 😁).

How to cache dependencies (GitLab)en, ru

Store logs from Docker in Google Cloudru


Alacritty => Kitty

Kitty terminal

I decided to try Kitty instead of Alacritty and it seemed more comfortable. Support for tabs allows you to avoid using Tmux every time.

NeoVim => VSCodium

As an experiment, I decided to remove VS Code with all its settings and install VSCodium with the minimum of necessary plugins instead. Then I tried to start using it permanently instead of NeoVim. As a result, the new configuration turned out to be more convenient for me.

List of VSCodium plugins:

  • Better Haml
  • GitLens
  • One Dark Pro
  • Ruby Solargraph
  • Tailwind CSS IntelliSense
  • Vim

Brave browser

Brave browser

Installed this modern web browser and ran it a couple of times. This browser looks very nice, especially the start page with random background images. I’m also pleased with its focus on privacy.

AdBlocker Ultimate

Keeping privacy in mind, I also decided to install an unwanted ad blocker in Firefox. During a week of work, the plugin blocked about 10 thousand unwanted elements and trackers.


I also decided to try using a utility to search for potential bugs and vulnerabilities called SemGrep. The utility uses its own library with rules for validation. The number of rules in the library is still small, but it is possible to add your own rules there 😉.



Here is my Screencast about setup own OpenVPN server. After the video was published, I added it to several subreddits and wrote a post about the Screencast on dev.to. As a result, we have a crazy 200 views 😂.

Russian version of this Screencast

Tatar-song translate

And here is my new experiment for the #берсүзтатарча project. In this video, I translated the song from Russian into Tatar.



I also tried posting posts on dev.to. In two months, I got a little more than 1000 views in total.


Duolingo – so far i got 137 crowns in this app

HelloTalk – another app for learning languages by communicating with native speakers. The chats are not very active, but you can find interesting people here)


Yandex Book – finally finished reading this book. I couldn’t finish reading it since 2019 🙂

Atomic Habits – very interesting book. I read it 30%.


Cancelled Turkey Travel

In mid-May we were going to go on a trip to Turkey. But due to the pandemic, this travel was canceled 😕.


Serjan Bratan

This spring I watched a Kazakh TV series called “Serjan Bratan”. I advise 😉.

DubFX live performance

I saw this video today. This performance is just wonderful!






  • Tatar-video in RoR



  • RWpod


  • Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby: An Agile Prime