Weekly Digest #1

Weekly Digest 1, english version

Hello everyone!

Almost 5 weeks have passed since the beginning of 2021, and I decided to continue the practice of writing weekly reports that I started last year.

As you probably already noticed, the new reporting posts are different from last year.

Main differences

2020 posts 2021 posts
publication in Russian only publication in Russian and in English
numbering is rigidly linked to the week number sequential numbering
cover image without title cover image with title
planning without details specific goals

The main change is the publication of posts in English. I find it difficult to write in English and therefore the sentences are rather short. I hope that this at least accurately conveys their meaning 😃.

I want to first write the post in English and only then translate it into Russian. Also, I want to publish posts with some delay - first a post in English, then the same post in Russian. This is the author’s method of teaching English)


January went by very quickly and I’ve posted almost nothing on the blog since the beginning of this year.

What I can say of interest is this - I tried Oracle Cloud in practice. As part of the free plan there you can create 2 virtual machines with 1 vCPU 1 Gb RAM and 35 Gb SSD. Such virtual machines I often bought from Aruba Cloud and PQ Hosting for 1 euro. Now I also use these free machines.

Also, my docker-compose-php project got 20 stars on GitHub.


CyberTat 2077. The authors’ fantasy about Tatarstan of the future.


achannarasappa/ticker - terminal stock watcher and stock position tracker


@shugozhor73 - Simbirsk Sugar eater


https://copychar.cc/ - Copy special characters to your clipboard







  • DB workshop



  • RWpod


  • Mastering PostgreSQL 11